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I’m McCall - I help entrepreneurs be likable, persuasive and trustworthy any time they step in front of a camera.

I launched Charisma Hacking in 2020 and have helped thousands of entrepreneurs to excel on camera, be their most authentic selves, and persuade their audiences to purchase their products.

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Growing up as a child performer, I had amazing opportunities to sing for large crowds, act in Disney movies, and share stages and screens with big names like Donny Osmond, Zac Efron, and Michael Bolton.

But for all of the good things I experienced, there was a very scary side of the entertainment industry.

I had intense anxiety from getting punished if I ever made a mistake. And I saw people who were charismatic on stage turn into monsters behind the scenes.

So I learned two things very quickly:

#1. Techniques to not let my fear stop me from performing at a high level.

#2. Charisma tactics good people use to shine… and what made them different from the charisma tricks bad people used to manipulate.

Then in 2020, I was at a business conference to support my sister-in-law. I met a bunch of entrepreneurs who were doing amazing things…who would get awkward, pushy or fake any time they promoted themselves on video.

The lightbulb went off immediately why they were struggling!

They weren’t using any of the Charisma tactics or techniques I had learned in my 20 years of performing…

…and the tactics they WERE using were the slimy tricks I’d seen from the manipulators… which made them come across as insincere, pushy, and cringey.

So I did a test run right there at the conference - could I use the tactics and strategies the good guys used to help an entrepreneur be authentic, likable, and persuasive on one of their videos?

The answer was a BIG yes! I asked an amazing business coach at the conference if I could work with her to fix one of her Facebook video ads that was struggling.

We made the right charisma changes and suddenly the ad was getting 12x the engagement and clicks!

I was OFFICIALLY in business from that time on!

Since then, I’ve coached thousands of entrepreneurs and coaches on these secrets to get people to pay attention and do what you say.

And who better to teach than coaches and entrepreneurs?

Because when YOU can move people to action, you change people's lives!


If it's good enough for a billion dollar CEO...



Russell Brunson, Co-Founder

ClickFunnels & Secrets of Success

"If you haven't studied her and her stuff yet, is insanely powerful and cool. She was literally able to go through a bunch of my VSLs and tell me which ones weren't working based on the fact that I broke my Charisma type. And yeah, I learned a lot. It was insanely cool so if you haven't heard her speak or have her go deep on this stuff for you, It is amazing."

These are the types of people that we love to work with (and love to work with us):

Entrepreneurs who want to make their personal brand their secret weapon… but they just need a roadmap to get there.

Entrepreneurs who are bursting at the seams with something they want to offer to the world… but need a playbook to make the world pay attention.

Entrepreneurs who are calm and confident in person with their friends …but struggle to get those skills to translate over to video, or to stage, or when they’re talking to potential clients.

Entrepreneurs who see all the fakeness on social media and hate it.

Good people with good products with audiences that are way smaller than they deserve.

If that’s you, I think we’re going to get along REALLY well 😎

Now, we have paid coaching programs, but we suggest that you try our free stuff first, that way you can feel confident about Charisma Hacking before you ever pull out your wallet!

If you’ve read this far, then I think we’re meant to be friends! The best way for us to connect so I can learn your story is to sign up for ANY of our free offers (our newsletter, our speed coaching, our events). That way I can reach out to you personally!

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Be more likable and persuasive on camera

Join thousands of CEOs for our weekly 3-min newsletter, Cutting Edge Charisma, on charisma tactics to grow your audience and profits.

Be more likable and persuasive on camera

Join thousands of CEOs for our weekly 3-min newsletter on charisma tactics to grow your audience and profits.