I make almost 40% of my individual coaching clients cry within our first 5 sessions...

Here's how...
(yes, I count, and yes, I know it's weird to count)
Most founders & business owners are effective and charismatic in person, but  struggle, or get complacent with "good enough" whenever they're on camera.  

So when my 1-on-1 clients...10x their ad click-through rates,
or captivate an audience with their origin story or close their first +$1,000 sales call over Skypesomething interesting happens: 

They realize how much time they have wasted and emotional baggage they have accumulated putting out a bad, and sometimes embarrassing version of themselves on video.  Like an evil, terrible, video twin.  

And then they finally feel freed from that evil twin, and ready to conquer... which is what usually brings the tears.
It's an amazing experience. 
...But I can't coach everyone 1-on-1.
Which is why I created The PUMPS Club.

The PUMPS Club is a private group coaching program that uses 3 systems to help you improve:

Your video ads, your webinars, your online video sales
And increase your social media followings 
....even if you're shy or inexperienced on video.


Interested?  Great!  
But first, can I tell you a lie that I hate?
"It's okay if you aren't very good on video or podcasts...  just keep putting yourself out there and over time you'll get better!"
Ugh.  And then this terrible saying always goes with it too:
"Don't worry, at the beginning, no one is really paying attention to you anyways."
It just isn't true.  In fact, it's even worse than false.  It's destructive. 
You have to know this:
1. You don't need to spend years being awkward and ineffective on video. 
2. Any strategy that revolves around "It's okay, nobody is listening to me anyways" will fail.  
3. You can start spreading your message effectively IMMEDIATELY... IF you are given the right tools and systems.
Your message can't wait! Let me give you the systems: 
Before I talk about The PUMPS Club and the 3 systems, you need to know why should you trust me when it comes to video. You should trust me because...
...multiple 6-figure Facebook Groups Experts like Alex Elliot love my 🤯 🤯 🤯 trainings:

...7-figure businesswomen like Kathryn Jones love my coaching:
...billion dollar business CEOs like Russell Brunson love my trainings:
...billion-dollar business leaders like Russell Brunson love my training techniques:
Alright, ready for the good stuff?
"My favorite part of The PUMPS Club experience has been how thorough McCall's trainings have been.  I feel like the trainings are specific to the challenges I face in my specific business with showing up on video.  #charismahacker for life!!!"
 - Monica Tanner, Relationship Coach and Podcast Host at 'On The Brighter Side'
What is 'The Vault'?
Every single week, a brand new, no-fluff, exclusive training on how to build your business with video is added to 'The Vault', my private collection of trainings.

And, when you join The PUMPS Club, you get full access to the entire VAULT for FREE

That means intense, exclusive trainings that will turn you into a video/business genius, always at your fingertips.

And remember, 'The Vault' becomes more and more valuable every single week with each brand new training. 
"The weekly calls have helped sooo much.  It's a space where I have been able to share where I'm struggling, see where others are struggling, and learn how to improve."
- Stephanie Richmond, Founder at Truth Inspired
"I was surprised by the level of access I have to McCall.  She truly cares about her members, and that shows in how present she is with all of us. "
"Community is where the growth happens. I love the weekly coaching calls and hearing others struggles and receiving learning from all around."
"Amazing! 😍😍  If only all coaching programs had checklists like these in The PUMPS Club. The absolute best and makes life so much easier."
- Lucia van der Walt, Founder of Abundant Mom
"Love, love, love, those checklists! It’s simple and super effective! It’s one thing to watch the training and figure out how to implement it, but with the checklist, you know exactly what to do!"
"I love that my metrics are being measured...

I was like, whoa this is intense, but in a good way, and I loved that it was pointing me in the direction of where I should head as far as where I'm at with my videos."


I'm inviting you to try out The PUMPS Club.

Almost every female entrepreneur who hasn't experienced The PUMPS Club has the same thought pop in their head when they hear about it:
"Yeah, it worked for the people in the testimonials, but would it actually work for me?"
"What if I'm too shy?"
Or: "What if I'm too awkward?"
Or: "What if this doesn't work for my industry?"
Or: "My videos seem fine anyways"
Or: "What if I haven't ever filmed a single video?"
Let me answer those questions... 
This will work for you!  
You CAN do this! 
 And I want to prove it to you!
All I need from you is a 14-day leap of faith.
The PUMPS club is $100/month, but you get full access to absolutely everything for free for 14 days.

 At the end of your free 14-day leap of faith, we'll talk and you can decide if you love The PUMPS Club and join for $100/month.

And if for whatever reason you don't love PUMPS at the end of 14 days, then no worries!  

We won't charge you, and I promise that we can still be friends!

So, take the leap, and I'll see you inside The PUMPS Club!
PS - At some point before the end of 2020, we're raising the price to $150 or $200 a month, so join now to have a chance to lock in your price!
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