Make people like you and do what you say... all by being yourself.
I can only open up 20 new spots a week. Find out why entrepreneurs are saying Charisma Styles is the best video / presentation coaching they've ever seen.
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Make people watch.
Make people buy.
Be great on video.
Charisma Hacking is the way to increase CTR, watch time, and increase conversion rates by being authoritative, trustworthy, and entertaining on video.
"Publish regularly!", "Be confident!", or "You get better over time!" advice is for suckers.  You can get results from the very beginning if you do things the right way.
About Charisma Hacking
McCall has been brought in as a trainer for Funnel Hacking Live, 2CCX, Tiny Habits and more.

She has personally coached multi-million dollar business owners, brand new entrepreneurs, and everything in between, helping them increase conversions, watch-time, and engagement on their videos.

Her unique perspective as a child star, singing with Aaron Carter, acting with Zac Efron, and writing songs with Liz Rose was the start of her developing her video performance methods.

But those methods took an entrepreneurial turn in February 2020, when she attended Funnel Hacking Live, a conference for entrepreneurs, to support her best friend who was speaking.

And when she walked through the venue and saw hundreds of entrepreneurs live-streaming, creating content and selling themselves on video, she thought two things:

...This isn't very good.

...but I could help them.

So that night she registered her domain name, the next day she snagged her first client, and after their coaching session they increased her Facebook Ads CTR from 0.5% to 6%.

And with that first success story, Charisma Hacking was born.  

And since then, thousands of entrepreneurs have improved their businesses through McCall's coaching.
Every time I'm watching what she's doing, and I'm like, 'Ah, this is brilliant. This is so smart.'
My viewership on YouTube grew 242% and engagement across all social media platforms increased. And more importantly, I feel like I'm finally delivering my message in a meaningful and impactful way."
I have easily 10,000 hours speaking, and I heard stuff from McCall Jones that I've never heard before ...she's extraordinary."
Create the perfect
Our 1-on-1 coaching + implementation program where you pay AFTER we reach your revenue or audience growth goals.
Make incredibly persuasive content. We'll do it with you.
Charisma Content Cohorts are super-hands-on, high intensity, small-group bootcamps for businesses earning over $100k.

You work shoulder to shoulder with McCall and your other bootcamp members to create awesome content that brings in the clients.

It's intense: 6 weeks of live training sessions + live creation workshops + a self-paced course + weekly Q&A sessions + a private group area for feedback and collaboration. Like we said: intense.

Each bootcamp has a different content emphasis: Facebook ads, sales videos, webinar masterclasses, to see which cohorts are open for applications!
Make people like you and do what you say... all by being yourself.
There are 54 different Charisma Styles, and when you know which one you are, it shows you exactly what to do (and not to do) on video to get people watch, trust, and buy.

Get personally analyzed 1-on-1 by McCall to find which of the 54 Charisma Styles you have, and then get personalized trainings based on your specific Charisma Style every single week.

Be great on video like you are meant to be.